Get NMEA data on your phone

We’ve just launched a new feature that allows you to get your boat’s NMEA data on your phone and in your logbook. All you need is a compatible AIS or NMEA WiFi device.



  • Use your phone as an alternative to expensive ‘marine’ MFDs with your existing equipment
  • Automatically log everything to do with your trip including wind, depth and heading


  • Wind speed, Heading, Depth – Once connected to your NMEA device you will immediately see key data;
  • Automatic depth offset – From our cruising and testing we’ve found that some apps don’t for example take into account the offset that you’ve set on your boat instruments – Note you can override this in settings;
  • Historic data – We show the history of key data points like wind so that you can see if on average wind is increasing or decreasing;

Compatible sentences

The following sentences are compatible and will be included in your log.

  • Depth – DPT
  • Wind (Speed/Direction) – MWD
  • Heading – HDG
  • Water speed – VHW
  • Water temp – MTW (Coming soon)
  • GPS fix data – RMC

Compatible devices

BoatPing is compatible with any NMEA device that broadcasts data over WiFi either directly or via your own WiFi network.

If you only have a Garmin Axiom or a B&G Vulcan or Zeus type device you will require additional hardware as these vendors choose not to support the open standards over WiFi.

The following devices from the growing list of ‘open’ vendors will connect your NMEA0183, NMEA2000 or Seatalk network to your laptops and mobile devices.

  • Vesper VB-8000 – Tested
  • Vesper Vision
  • Vesper Cortex
  • Actisense WK2-1
  • Quark QK-A051T
  • Quark QK-A036
  • Quark QK-A034
  • Quark QK-A033
  • Quark QK-A032
  • Quark QK-A028
  • Quark QK-A027 – Tested
  • Quark QK-A026
  • Quark QK-A024
  • Digital Yacht AIT500
  • Digital Yacht iAISTX

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