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We build awesome apps and are sailing around the
world on our yacht Seraphina.



Lover of cats and dogs. Technical lead and full-stack coder.



Never still. Product and commercial lead.

About BoatPing

We’ve always had a passion for sailing. After working on a couple of different ideas we decided to set about disrupting the world of sailing.

The world of boating is hard to navigate, confusing and full of conflicting information and ‘bespoke’ pricing.

We want to change that and improve the experience of sailing for boat owners.

Our plan

We are starting with our logging app because it solves a real need that we have today. We don’t anticipate ever charging for it, that’s right it’s free!

Instead we’ll look to add value in other areas that can help people with their boats.


2021 – Completed


First version of BoatPing is released on the Apple App Store and Google Play store (v1.0)


Share images with boat data to instagram (v1.1.0)


We set sail from the UK to the Med and make it to Spain


Released a new layout and logging of NMEA data (v1.2.0 & v1.2.1)


New home screen map, see all past trips in one place + Full trip list in menu (v1.2.2)


New summary data page, see all your trip’s data including track, fixes, NMEA and summary stats (v1.3.1)

2021 – In progress

Q4 2021

Complete BoatPing logging app


We strong believers in open company culture as posited by companies like Buffer.
Below are our app store and business metrics.

App store metrics

Our focus right now is not on absolute numbers rather we are working to get to product market fit before we scale our growth.

The numbers below show how we’re working towards that product market fit.

Days coding to 1.21: 10

v1.0 – v1.2 – 138 days

iOS App store + Play store

  • Page view to Install: 24%

iOS App store only

  • Impression to page view: 25%
  • Impression to install: 7%
v1.2.1 (Current) – 26 days

iOS App store + Play store

  • Page view to Install: 36% – 21% higher 95% confidence

iOS App store only

  • Impression to page view: 29% – 15% higher 95% confidence
  • Impression to install: 10% – 48% higher 95% confidence